Tech Talk 10/23

This week in tech, there have been an unveiling of new wearables, hoverboards, and crazy hacks…the world of technology never sleeps. Read on for a quick update:

Contributor: Ricky Rajani

Revealed: Microsoft’s Dirty Little Secret

The Microsoft Garage was created in 2009 to let its employees hack and tinker at their leisure. At first, it started off as a small experimentation space for crazy ideas and innovations, but it has expanded to almost 10,000 members around the world. Just like any startup incubator, Microsoft Garage has finally decided to make its creations accessible to the public. You can check out some of these hacks at goes high-tech

Celebrity has plans to challenge the tech giants with his new line. The first product, Puls, will be a “wrist-based computer” that is meant to be an alternative for your communication device. Key features of this rather large watch include: Will.I.Am-Puls-Smartwatchhands-free calling, texting, and social media updates. This wearable isn’t meant to compete with wearables created by the tech giants. Rather, the use of the Puls is a “lifestyle statement.”

Job Post: Socializing

Finally you can get paid to be social, through social media application Tsu. Created as an alternative to Facebook, Tsu was created with the purpose of allowing users to create and control their own network of followers. The second, and most popular, purpose is distributing revenue received from advertisers, sponsorships, and partnership dollars with users using the “rule of thirds.” You can read more about this idea here: In general, Tsu is intended to be “like a content monetization platform” with an emphasis on creating a social network.

$10,000 for a hoverboard? Worth it.


Arx Pax created the Hendo Hoverboard; however, they have bigger plans with its hover engine technology. The company plans to crowdfund this product Kickstarter, giving the public the option to ride the hoverboard and even purchase it for $10,000. But, Arx Pax won’t stop there. Their end goal is to use this technology to be used as a solution for keeping buildings safe in floods and earthquakes by simply lifting the buildings up. Ambitious? Definitely. Viable? We will have to see…



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