Tech: ShuddleMe is the Uber for Young Adults

ShuddleMe is a recently announced app that will allow young adults from the ages of eight to sixteen to book their own rides, already raising $9.6 million in investments. This app is similar to Uber and Lyft in that allows individuals to be driven around by complete strangers, but it has more extensive security precautions. All drivers are given background checks and training that ends with an in person interview. Once a young adult schedules a ride, parents must confirm the ride from their own app and can even track the car by GPS during the entire route. This app could provide families with much needed flexibility in their lives. Shuddle CEO Nick Allen said in a press conference, “We created ShuddleMe to give kids more autonomy by allowing them to control their own ride schedules, while putting their parents’ minds at ease.”

Contributor: Rebecca Zuo


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