Tech: Send Your Name to Mars

Have you ever dreamed of visiting Mars? While it’s very unlikely that right now you can visit Mars, your name and therefore spirit, in essence, can.

NASA has presented a unique opportunity for people of all ages by allowing people to submit their name to be downloaded onto a microchip headed for Mars. The silicon microchip will be sent on the NASA InSight Mars Lander. NASA has set up a website, InSight send-your-name, where people can sign up and have their name put on the microchip.

This mission is the second opportunity for people to send their names up to Mars. The first send-your-name mission was the first Orion mission which blasted off in 2014. 1.38 million people sent their names on the microchip aboard that spacecraft. The InSight Mars Lander is scheduled to launch in March 2016 and is expected to land on Mars on September 28, 2016.

Contributor: Katie Campbell



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