Tech: Samsung Plans to Bring Virtual Reality to the Masses

Sick and tired of regular life? Good news! Virtual reality is about to become…reality. At a developer’s conference for virtual reality technology company Oculus in Los Angeles, Samsung’s vice president Peter Koo announced the Korean electronic company’s newest product: the $99 Gear VR: a virtual reality headset which will be 22% lighter than its predecessor, not to mention half the price. The new design is streamlined with a goggle-like build and one strap to go around the head; the former design included a strap over the top of the head. Why the redesign? Samsung has hopes that the new, streamlined look of the headset and its cheaper price will help to rocket virtual reality into the mainstream tech market. The new product will work with Samsung’s latest Smartphones and will be shipped in November. Roger, the future has landed.

Contributor: Phoebe Roe



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