Tech: Disneyland to Add Three Themeparks

May the force be with Disney as the company takes the next step in reaching infinity and beyond. The announcement of three new theme parks in Disneyland, California and Walt Disney World Resort in Florida was met with widespread speculation and excitement, as fans all over the world anticipate the opening of the attractions. One park is Star Wars themed, another involves the planets and scenery from Avatar, and the last is based on the Toy Story franchise. The imagineers (the people who design and build attractions and experiences) and art conceptualists plan for the worlds to be completely realistic and accurate, as to give visitors an ‘immersion’ experience. As the expansion will be the largest in Disney’s history, the decision is met with much controversy. But as imagineer Tony Baxter said, “Making it relevant for each generation and on and on means you have to keep fine-tuning it, so that it does have that emotional play for each person who comes in.”

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