Tech: 38 Million Virtual Reality Devices Will be Sold by 2020

According to recent data, it is expected that virtual reality device sales will hit 14 million units worldwide by the end of 2016 and 38 million units by 2020. Virtual reality has become a major segment for the tech industry as major companies like Facebook-owned Oculus, HTC, Samsung, and Sony delve into the emerging market. Virtual-reality devices typically consist of headsets which immerse users in a world in which they can look around and feel as though they are in another place. This new technology is expected to have a primary use of gaming, though other uses such as training have been discussed.

According to TrendForce, virtual reality games require less resources to produce than virtual reality movies. “First-person games in particular can be ported to VR (virtual reality) devices with some modifications. The relatively low costs and minimal time requirement thus will be strong incentives for game developers as they will become major content providers for VR hardware.” Sony’s Morpheus virtual-reality headset is set to hit shelves next year.

Contributor: Katie Campbell



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