Tech: Codegirl Documentary Will Premiere on November 1

Are you interested in pursuing a career in computer programming? If so, read on about what the girls are doing from “Codegirl.” This documentary is about to be released on November 1st in theaters and on YouTube for free between November 1- 5th.  Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, and iTunes will have the movie on-demand by November 6. The documentary “Codegirl” is about Technovation, a tournament in which high school girls from around the world have three months to design an app that solves a problem in their community. The producer, Lesley Chilcott, says, “Teens get a lot of their content on YouTube, so I thought, Why not show the film first on YouTube first for free?” Her partners in this were Google and FilmBuff. Last year, Google launched Made with Code, a program started to encourage young girls to pursue computer science. Technovation grants, two 10,000 prizes each year, one to girls 14 and younger and the second is to girls 14-19. One of the previous winners include Arrive, an app that lets users check into the attendance system when they get to school. Another previous winner was I.O.U, an Android app that tracks things users have borrowed or loaned. The most recent winner was MASH, an app version of the classic fortune telling game. Only 21 percent of computer programmers in the U.S. were women last year. “Codegirl” can change this statistic!

Contributor: Susan Packer


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