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The GenHERation event at Yahoo was pretty intriguing. Before I came to the event, I only knew that I’d be pitching in the Social Innovation challenge about my environmental organization’s idea of a “High School Green Hackathon” and nothing more. My favorite part was the panel discussion and the guest speaker, Jo Piazza. One discussion that really stuck to me was the panel’s consensus that you don’t have to choose a major just because you think that there Sunnyvalewill be a prospective job market waiting for you after you get your degree. They told us that it’s more important to just go for the major that we’re passionate about the most, and then eventually things will fall into place if you constantly try to seek out opportunities. They also told us the big corporate companies like Yahoo needs all kinds of people, not just economic/business or engineering majors. Some of the panelists studied something completely irrelevant to what they’re doing at Yahoo now, as some majored in International Relations in college and others in music. After listening to these women in the heart of the Silicon Valley tech field, I realized that what my dad aways tell me has been right all along: just follow what you love. Thank you GenHERation for organizing this engaging event. It definitely allowed me and many other girls a rare opportunity to hear insights from corporate women leaders and visit cool companies!

Contributor: Ivy Chen


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