Science: Genome Exploration Leads to Biocomputation

If you’re looking for something to study at the intersection of health, science, and engineering, then biocomputation might be what you’re looking for.  Stanford University professors claim that of all the innovations in computer science, biocomputation is the field with the potential to do the most good. Biocomputation is just one of many names I’ve heard for the field, but the idea is you use computers to take the huge amounts of data available to us as we sequence the human genome and try to make sense of all the information. As genome sequencing becomes cheaper, treatments that target cells differently based on their genetic makeup could soon become a reality. But the technology has the potential to go much further than specialized medicine. If we can understand what the genome does, we can change and manipulate it to possibly create a new type of human. This borders on science fiction, but it’s already starting to happen and that’s one reason why the genome will rule this century.

Contributor: Jen Pulido


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