Politics: Will Ryan Run?

As the search for the next Speaker of the House continues, House Republicans eagerly await Paul Ryan’s official announcement regarding his candidacy. Although the representative has publically stated multiple times that he is not pursuing the position, speculation continues to follow his every action. As the Republican favorite, Ryan faces heavy pressure from his political party to assume the role, despite the controversy regarding certain policies like immigration reform and belief that large banks should be bailed out. Current Speaker John Boehner will resign at the end of the month- if a new Speaker cannot be found before then, political proceedings will cease. Representative Tom Cole of Oklahoma commented on the political efforts to secure Ryan, stating, “It is tough to bribe a man with no vices or tempt a man with a promotion he doesn’t want. About all anyone can do is beg and appeal to his sense of duty. There is a lot of that going on.”

Contributor: Katie Sun


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