Politics: Voting Rights

In the United States of America, the legal age for citizens to vote is 18 years old. The right to vote is a very special one, especially since it was not always a right that everyone had. Both women and people of color had to fight for their voting rights. With that said, it is important that those who have the right to vote exercise it. Unfortunately, too many people find reasons to not vote on Election Day. Many people believe that their opinion, or single vote, will not mean much in the overall outcome of an election. However, this is far from true! Every vote does count, and every vote is a chance for the voter to contribute to society. Another thing that discourages people from voting is the idea that they are not educated enough. In a sense, this can be true in regards to a voter not knowing enough about the different candidates’ platforms—the beliefs and ideas on which they are running. However, it is up to voters to get educated. It is their job to learn about the candidates, what they stand for, and what they plan to do if elected into office so that they can cast an educated vote.

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