Politics: U.S. Plans to Regulate Overfishing

Overfishing, a $10 billion issue across the globe, was addressed by the Obama Administration on Monday, who announced plans to establish greater regulations and measures preventing numerous oceanic problems, including illegal fishing and pollution, and to succeed greater at enforcing these legislatures. At the “Our Ocean” conference, strategies to minimize illicit activities include expanded use of satellites to track unauthorized activity, enhanced tracking of seafood that enters U.S. ports, and the establishment of two more national marine sanctuaries, among other measures. To put the scale of the issue into perspective, Secretary of State John Kerry emphasized the urgency of the crisis and the dire need to focus on enforcing regulations, instead of merely creating ineffective laws and policies. Kerry said, “There’s a direct line between black-market fishing, black-market drugs, smuggling, and human trafficking.”

Contributor: Katie Sun


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