Politics: The Tea Party

The Tea Party movement is a political movement in the United States of America. The main goal of the Tea Party movement is to reduce the United States national debt by reducing the nation’s government spending and taxes. The Tea Party is more generally associated with the Grand Old Party, or GOP, which is also known as the Republican Party. The name of the movement was inspired by the Boston Tea Party event of 1773, and several members of the Tea Party movement actually cite the Boston Tea Party as their main source of inspiration for supporting the movement. As for official numbers, around ten percent of Americans have identified themselves as members of the Tea Party movement. Many groups of Tea Party members around the nation arrange protests to express their beliefs to other people in a noticeable way. Tea Party groups have endorsed candidates in various elections throughout the nation since 2010.  Candidates supported by the Tea Party movement have run for positions in the Senate, the House, respective state assemblies, and much more. In terms of Tea Party movement activities, it has been reported that since 2010, there has been a drop in the number of protests held by members.

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