Politics: Presidential Lawsuit

Recently, House Speaker John Boehner was given permission to file a lawsuit against President Obama, after the House voted in favor of the resolution, 225-201. The lawsuit is being filed after claims that President Obama abused his powers in regards to his handling of the Affordable Care Act. Republicans argue that Obama’s executive orders were unlawful since it is Congress’s job to make or amend laws. Five House Republicans opposed the bill, and zero House Democrats voted in favor of it. So, the GOP-charged lawsuit is really heightening the issue of extreme partisanship in Congress. House Democrats, including House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, responded to the resolution by claiming that the GOP’s main goal is to impeach Obama. However, Boehner has denied this claim several times, saying that he is not pushing impeachment. This lawsuit also brings in the fact that Republicans have been overwhelmingly against Obamacare since its introduction in 2010. As for public opinion, around 66% of Americans surveyed said Obama should not be impeached, and 57% are against the lawsuit. Ultimately, Republicans believe that Obama is not “faithfully executing the laws.”


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