Politics: Presidential Debates

One of the most exciting aspects of the United States Presidential Election process is the televised debates between the two candidates. Not only is this a chance to see how well the candidates can answer certain questions that the American people have, but it is also a great way to see how the candidates interact with each other. Certain debates have shown candidates being more hostile to each other, while other debates have showcased friendly banter between the candidates. The first televised presidential debate was in 1960 between presidential candidates Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy. This debate is important to history since it proved just how much appearance matters. Kennedy agreed to have his hair and makeup done since the debate was going to air on television, while Nixon refused hair and makeup because he wanted to look more natural. When the debate aired, there was a clear distinction between the two’s physical appearances: Kennedy appeared well-groomed and confident, while Nixon looked more fatigued and washed out. Today, all candidates have hair and makeup done so that they can look their best on television screens across the country. The debates are a great way to see which candidate is best suited to lead the nation.

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