Politics: Medical Center Renovated for Homeless Veterans

After being closed in 2011, Walter Reed Army Medical Center will be renovated into housing for homeless veterans. 75 single-occupant apartments will be created out of the original 75-person capacity. The restoration will be part of a national effort to aid an estimated 49,000 homeless veterans, a number provided by the Department of Housing and Urban Development in early 2014. President Obama himself stated, “We are going to keep at it until every veteran who has fought for America has a place to call home in America.” Tenants will sign a lease that will essentially allow them to reside as long as they desire, paying rent with a percentage of their income, supplemented by private and public funding. A veteran-focused organization called ‘Help USA’ will be utilized to aid the housing program, providing services like transportation, Narcotics Anonymous, and and Alcoholics Anonymous. The program is currently in negotiations with the Army, and will await approval from the City Council upon completion.

Contributor: Katie Sun


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