Politics: Internet Disagreements About Debate Winner

With all political debates, the most pressing issue immediately after becomes figuring out which candidate has won—a question that is turning out to be unexpectedly complicated in the wake of Tuesday’s Democratic presidential primary debate. On Tuesday night, CNN, the New York Times, and Slate were just a few of many publications that quickly named Hillary Clinton the winner. However, Wednesday morning saw a surge of social media chatter pointing out that many polls throughout the Internet had declared Sen. Bernie Sanders the winner. Vox also reports that Sanders has gained more Facebook followers since Tuesday than any other candidate and dominated Google searches following the debate. Of course, online polls are hardly formal and scientific, but they garnered enough attention to launch several articles addressing what could be a significant discrepancy in opinions between political commentators and the average voter. The question of Clinton v. Sanders is especially interesting after the candidates shared a moment of onstage camaraderie during the debate, when Sanders backed Clinton’s desire to move beyond her email scandal. In the meantime, the issue of winners will be impossible to resolve definitively, at least until one candidate gets the Democratic nomination.

Contributor: Celeste Montaño


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