Politics: House and Senate Debate Over DHS

The Department of Homeland Security is in big trouble and house speaker John Boehner isn’t planning to do anything about it.  “The Constitution makes it pretty clear that the House has to do its work and the Senate has to do theirs. The House has acted to fund the department and to stop the president’s overreach when it comes to immigration and his executive orders,” Boehner told Fox’s Chris Wallace. The main issue is that the DHS is running dangerously low on money but a House bill that would fund the department until the end of the current budget year has been blocked by Senate Democrats because it would also limit President Barack Obama’s executive actions on immigration. “The House has acted. We’ve done our job,” Boehner said. “Senate Democrats are the ones putting us in this precarious position. It’s up to Senate Democrats to get their act together.”

Contributor: Phoebe Roe


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