Politics: ExxonMobile Case Settled for $250 million

The oil company ExxonMobil recently donated $500,000 to a Republican group run by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie that finances election campaigns. After this large donation, a long-running environmental law case against ExxonMobil was abruptly settled. The case, which was initiated in 2004, was settled by Christie’s administration, which includes a former Exxon lawyer. In the suit, New Jersey was seeking $8.9 billion in damages by the oil company that affected more than 1500 acres of waterfront and meadows. Now, as reported on Friday, Christie’s administration is settling the suit for only $250 million. Federal records show that the reduction in settlement money, which will greatly benefit Exxon, follows a large amount of campaign cash donated by the oil company to the Republican Governors Association. Since 2009, ExxonMobile has donated more than $1.9 million to this group, according to data compiled by politicalmoneyline.com.

Contributor: Johanna Hartman


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