Politics: Controversy Over Woman on $10 Bill

When the U.S. Treasury Department announced in June that a woman would be featured in a new version of the $10 bill, the Internet backlash was immediate. But the controversial issue was not whether a woman deserved such a prominent spot in American currency, but which bill she should occupy. Although 2015 has witnessed a push to put women on paper currency, including a young girl asking President Obama why there are no women on dollar bills, most organizations and petitions chose the 20 as their target. For example, the Women on 20s campaign rallied around Harriet Tubman as a potential replacement for Andrew Jackson, who “helped gain Congressional passage of the Indian Removal Act of 1830.” Several outlets, including The Huffington Post, also point out that Jackson was staunchly pro-slavery, whereas Alexander Hamilton, who currently occupies the place of honor on the 10, was anti-slavery and something of a proto-feminist. In regards to the outcry, NPR reports that Secretary of the Treasury Jacob Lew “has made clear that the image of Alexander Hamilton will remain part of the $10 note.” Whichever woman is chosen for the updated bill, due out in 2020, she will most likely share it with Hamilton.

Contributor: Celeste Montaño


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