Politics: Constituency

The term “constituency” is very important to the world of politics. A candidate’s constituency refers to a group of supporters or voters in a certain area who elect a representative to office. Specifically, a candidate’s core constituency is a group of voters that she can essentially count on to support her and vote for her. Across the globe, there are various groups who express their support for certain candidates for election after election. Strategy is a very important concept in the world of politics. Since candidates know that their core constituencies will vote for them, they spend more time trying to convince the voters that are more undecided. The great thing is that candidates always let their constituencies know that they appreciate their support, even though they don’t have to work incredibly hard to secure their votes. Politicians, of course, always have the goal to increase the number of supporters, and hopefully, votes, in their favor. For candidates, those constituencies offer a great relief in regards to knowing that they have those votes “in the bag.”

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