Politics: Congressional Recess

Every year, Congress takes a five-week recess beginning in August. In the weeks leading up to this recess, the nation is pretty nervous as to what Congress will accomplish before it is time for their break. There are always many issues on the table that people hope Congress will solve before they break. However, from previous years, it is obvious that many issues are not decided upon in time, causing a bit of a standstill in the progress of proposed legislation. Some of the legislation being worked out currently includes bills that address immigration issues, highway funding, and Veterans Affairs funding. Not only has it happened in the past, but it is also now expected for Congress to “slack off” a bit before the recess begins. It is during this time that tensions are usually running high when it comes onto certain legislation, and not to mention, the members of Congress are anxiously awaiting their time off. What happens to the legislation that is unresolved before the recess occurs? Well, the proposed legislation is still on the table once the lawmakers return. However, for many situations and issues in this country, that does not do any good.


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