Politics: California Seeks to Improve Voter Participation

When you turn 18, will you register to vote? If you’re already 18, have you?

Due to record-low turnouts for the previous election, California’s governor Jerry Brown signed legislation that aims to boost participation. Instead of registering at the Department of Motor Vehicles, eligible voters now are automatically registered when they obtain or renew a drivers’ license, eliminating the huge amount of required paperwork required before.

According to California secretary of state Alex Padilla, this legislation can add about 6 million more voters, opposed to the 6.6 million people who were eligible to vote but were not registered for the last election. The 42 percent of registered voters who did participate in the polling marked a record low for California elections.

The new bill, intended to simplify the voting and registration process, will be tested in upcoming elections.

Contributor: Katie Sun


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