Politics: Africa Summit

For the past few days, President Barack Obama has held an important summit, or conference, in Washington D.C. for several leaders of African countries. The African Leaders Summit is being held mainly to address the security issues that African nations face. President Obama is also discussing ways in which the United States can help with those issues. The panel discussion is focused on “Peace and Regional Stability,” but also on other topics, such as counterterrorism and maritime security. Earlier this year, the President announced plans for a Counterterrorism Partnership Fund that would allow the United States to support nations that are fighting to get rid of terrorist groups. Some African countries that suffer from the presence of these terrorist groups include Yemen, Libya, Mali, and Nigeria, where the terrorist group, Boko Haram, is running rampant. In addition to the leaders of several African nations attending, White House officials like Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State John Kerry, were also in attendance. The ultimate goal is to promote sustainable peace and a major step in doing so is getting to the root of corruption in African nations.


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