Politics: Ad Etiquette

Democrat Wendy Davis defended her ad in the Texas governor’s race since the ad directly attacked GOP rival, Greg Abbott, who is partially paralyzed.  The ad utilized an image of an empty wheelchair, and the Abbott campaign has denounced the ad as “disgusting.”  “This aid is about one thing and one thing only: Greg Abbott’s hypocrisy.  In his role as a public servant, Greg Abbott has shown time and time again he has worked to deny the same justice to others,” said Davis.  Joel Benenson, Davis’ pollster, shifted the public’s attention away from the empty wheelchair image, which was not supposed to be a personal dig at Davis’ rival’s disability.  He stated to The Texas Tribune, “This ad is not about Greg Abbott in a wheelchair.  This ad is about Greg Abbott’s behavior and actions with other victims after he had his opportunity and rightly sought justice and received a substantial amount of money.”

Contributor: Chelsea Edirisuriya

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