Oh Snap! App Turns Photos into Custom Nail Art

Angel Anderson, the Los Angeles-based founder and CEO of NailSnaps, has created an app that can turn any photo NailSnaps 2into custom nail art. She left her job as vice president of a world class creative agency because she wanted to empower women creatively and has now turned her dream into a reality. NailSnaps is currently one of the top five most shared items on Instagram and Pinterest.

While shopping at a local pharmacy, Angel was looking at the vinyl nail wraps currently being sold and noticed that there was not a diverse selection available on the rack. She thought that there must be an app for a photo to be printed on a nail wrap and as soon as she got home and conducted preliminary research on this invention, she was shocked to find that this product did not exist in the $8.5 billion nail industry.

According to Angel, “the process of creating the nail could not be easier” and you can get started by downloading the free app. You just pick a photo from your phone, it can be any image, and then decide how you would like the image to lay out on your nails. Once you are happy with your image, you place your order and receive the nails on an oval sheet of twenty high-quality, labeled nail wraps. Each set comes with its own file and your order is shipped directly to your door. There is no glue needed, you just peel and stick NailSnaps into place and file off the excess to create your desired look.

NailSnapsNailSnaps was recently awarded a 2016 Interactions Award in the People’s Choice category through an international competition that celebrates examples of excellence in interaction design across domains, channels, environments, and cultures. According to Angel, “NailSnaps may be easy to dismiss, but we are helping women to disrupt an industry that is highly toxic for customers with the dangerous chemicals that are used and are also bringing awareness to the labor abuse in the salon industry that workers are subjected to. She is pleased to be recognized and to be able to “stand up and transform the nail industry.”

When asked if she has any favorite designs of her own, she stated that she is most inspired by “what other people create and what you as an individual want to wear.” She feels that there is unlimited creativity and that women are no longer restricted to the colors of traditional nail polish. Her company has been featured in several magazines including, TIME, Seventeen, Allure, ELLE, and Good Housekeeping.

Angel’s business has grown tremendously since the company was started in 2014.  Angel along with her co-founder, Sarah Heering, have been able to hire a team of employees to help with the physical printing of the nails and have also hired a Vice President of Engineering. Her best advice to young women interested in entrepreneurship is that “you should be ready to go outside your comfort zone. You will have many, many, many hats and it is important to embrace all of them. You don’t have to be an expert in everything, just align yourself with people you can trust and embrace uncertainty.”

Contributor: Judy McDevitt


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  1. d1234     March 28, 2016 at 12:58pm

    NailSnaps is an innovative app that I had not heard of before. I love how Angel Anderson took a simple idea and turned it into an App and a profitable company. I like how NailSnaps beneifts its customers too. Some Nail Salons have toxic chemicals in their nail polish and the nail polish can damage people’s nails. I like how NailSnaps eliminates the toxicity aspect of nail polish and has a lot cooler designs than actual nail polish! Entrepreneurs like Angel continue to inspire me to change the world for the better!

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