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With everything going on in the world, teens need to have a say, not just old congressmen. GenHERation is the perfect outlet for putting out your opinion and voice. Recently I attended the GenHERation event in New York City at the 34th Street Macy’s. The event started off with climbing up the stairs into the never before seen levels of Macy’s. My mom and I were following another group of girls and their mothers. Once we found the room where the event was being held, we were all then welcomed with purple T-shirts and blank “Hello, my name is” tags that we wrote our names on. The team working at the event told all of us to write on dry erase sheets and complete the sentence “I will change the world by…”. Afterwards everyone visited the Hilarity for Charity station and said a joke on camera to support this nonprofit organization, which focuses on raising awareness about Alzheimer’s disease among millennials. The room was filled with chatter and the tone of questioning what is in store for all of us next. After everyone was seated, we were all greeted by an inspiring video and then met the founder of GenHERation, Katlyn Grasso. We then got to meet a whole group of women, including the Editor of Seventeen and CMO of Mashable, doing things that impact society just like Katlyn. Each women shared their perspective of what its like being a women in their field of occupation. Each had similar experiences making them all inspiring in different ways.  Ellen Grasso, Vice President of ForbesWoman, made an excellent quote at the event, “If you try to be something you’re not, that is the only road to failure.” This quote really stuck with me because it can be used in all types of situations, whether it be making new friends or a job interview. You can really interpret this quote in many different ways. This will help you through life because you should never pretend to be something you’re not for anything or anyone. I really loved the event. It taught me so much about being a female leader. The key is to just stick with your gut and everything will work in your favor.

Contributor: Morgan Schnitzer


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