Health: Top 5 Most Effective Study Habits


As a senior in college I have tried many different studying techniques. Some have proven more successful than others and this list reflects the study habits I have deemed “full-proof.” Give them a try for yourself, and see which ones help you feel your best and do your best!

1) Utilize some sort of planner or agenda: Whether it is a physical planner or if you use a computer/iPad/phone etc. it will make your life more organized and less stressful. Get in the habit of marking down your assignments as soon as they are assigned in a planner and it will help you keep track of when things are do and make it easier for you to properly manage your time.

2) Plan ahead and then plan ahead some more: Time management is one of the keys to academic success. If you think an assignment will take you one day, give yourself two. The more time you give yourself to finish your work the better your work will be. The worst feeling is sitting down to study or write a paper and realizing that you have not given yourself enough time to complete them to the best of your ability.

3) Determine what type of studying atmosphere you prefer: I know people who do their best work when they have background noise and I know people (myself included!) who need dead silence when they study. Are you an independent worker or do you do your best studying with a study group? The sooner you figure these things out for yourself the sooner you will see your hard work pay off!

4) Determine what distracts you and eliminate that from your studying space: Are you constantly checking your phone every time it rings or vibrates while studying? These types of distractions can be detrimental to your studies and although it may be difficult at first to take these things away from yourself, chances are your studying will become more efficient and therefore, it will take you less time to feel prepared.

5) Get a full night’s sleep: If you follow the previous four habits it will be easier for you to get a full nights sleep the night before your test, presentation, or even just class in general. There is a lot of scientific proof behind this too, which just goes to further emphasize its importance!

Remember, everyone is different and these tips might not work for all students. Use these as a guideline and feel free to mix and match your personal study habits to create the perfect formula for you!

Contributor: Cailin Walsh


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    These were really helpful!

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