Health: Skin Cancer Warning

A surgeon general has been issued regarding skin cancer. The American Cancer Society has reported that skin cancer is on the rise. Dr. Boris Lushniak, the acting United States Surgeon General, reported that skin cancer is now a major public health issue, and urged for a call to action. Approximately 5 million people per year are treated for skin cancer! This figure is greater than the annual number of breast, colon, lung and prostate cancer cases, which is absolutely mind-blowing. Lushniak is a dermatologist, so the issue of skin cancer is something he knows very much about. Each year, more than 63,000 cases of melanoma are diagnosed in this nation. Sadly, around fourteen percent of those cases end up with patients dying. In adults age 25 to 29, melanoma is the most common type of cancer. The surgeon general has suggested several things be done to combat the rise of skin cancer, including providing shade in public places and reducing the amount of indoor tanning that is done. Ultimately, society thinks tanned skin is “healthy” and normal looking, when in reality, it can be very harmful to people’s health.

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