Health: Migraines

Headaches vary in magnitude—they can be acute, causing only a small amount of pain, or they can be so painful to the point where people feel as though they cannot move. Severe headaches that occur consistently, and sometimes last for days, are called migraines. Some people get them from time to time, while others have certain triggers that cause migraines and get them frequently. For many people, migraines happen so often that it just becomes a kind of medical condition that they get used to having.Migraines can also be a symptom of other illnesses, or a side effect of a medical issue. To best avoid migraines, it is advised to properly attend to a headache as soon as it is felt, regardless of how “small” it may be. Just as with other medical issues, something small can grow into something very big if it is not properly and promptly treated. It is also important to keep in mind that headaches and migraines are often brought on by stress. Always remember to keep calm and try to take some time for yourself, especially when your health could be affected.


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