Health: JUNE Bracelet Measures Your Sun Exposure

Did you know that one third of all cancer diagnoses are forms of skin cancer? While the use of tanning beds in the wintertime and soaking up the sun in the summertime seem tempting, they are both dangerous. With the risk of skin cancer being so high, it is important to protect yourself from harmful UV rays, and modern technology is making it easier to do so. One company, Netatmo, released a device last year named “JUNE” that resembles a diamond bracelet and warns you when you’re getting too much sun. The device links to your smartphone via Bluetooth and takes UV ratings throughout the day, telling you what percentage of your daily sun exposure you have gotten when you are wearing sunscreen, and a different percentage for the days when you’re not wearing sunscreen, all based on your skin type. The bracelet only needs to be charged once per month and is on the market for $129. While a bit pricey, $129 is a small price to pay when “3.5 million cases of skin cancer in the United States [are reported] each year, yet fewer than one third of people use sunscreen regularly, according to…the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”

Contributor: Claire Pacek



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