Health: Google Glass Addiction

Amidst worldwide Ebola panic, a new brand health scare has come to light: a man has been checked into the Navy’s Substance Abuse and Recovery Program for a Google Glass addiction. Though the man was also admitted for alcoholism, San Diego doctors say the 31-year-old man “exhibited significant frustration and irritability related to not being able to use his Google Glass,” noting that he would typically use his Google Glass for up to 18 hours every day. Reportedly Google Glass users frequently reach for the device, which is marketed as eyewear that allows users to access online information, take and send videos and pictures and send messages from the technology which looks like a pair of glasses. The device is controlled through verbal commands or by tapping the side of device. Unsurprisingly, those who are addicted to the technology often report frequent headaches and tapping near their temples to control its features, even when the device is not there. “He reported that if he had been prevented from wearing the device while at work, he would become extremely irritable and argumentative,” the doctors write. This is the first reported case of Google Glass addiction.

 Contributor: Phoebe Roe


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