Health: Exercise in the Cold with Snowga

With all the snow that has been showering the Northeast, it seems that people are limited to the outdoor physical activities that they may be able to do in nicer weather.  However, the latest incarnation of yoga, snowga, may give you an opportunity to utilize the snow in a new way.  Yoga and cold make sound like an oxymoron, but Beth Stewart, a spokeswoman for Windham Mountain Resort in the Catskills, states that a snowga class is simply “mediation in motion while wearing snowshoes.”  Snow makes everything more of a workout, even getting back up if you fall. A person’s balance is challenged due to the snow, so it feels that a different part of the body is working to maintain that balance. It also allows those who frequently practice yoga to be less self-conscious about the idea of falling. “Class outside is more playful and people interact a bit more than when you’re on your own mat. Falling is kind of less dramatic and probably more fun,” said yoga student, Julie Kleine.

Contributor: Chelsea Edirisuriya


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