Health: 5 Ways to Make Winter a Bit More Bearable

1. Drink hot chocolate.

Any list that begins with “making insert anything here more bearable” should also include the word chocolate. As science has shown us a little dark chocolate now and then is really good for you… I am a firm believer in listening to science guys, especially if this means science telling us to eat chocolate. Chocolate is delicious in all forms but the best way to use it to help in winter is the hot form. A nice mug of hot chocolate after rushing between classes, coming back from playing in the snow, or after those beautiful words “no school” pass your lips, is the perfect cure for cold fingers.

2. Hug people!

Sticking with the scientific data, hugging has been proven to increase happiness due to chemicals released in your brain during a hug. Why is this even better in the winter? Because you get all warm and happy inside when hugging someone but you also can combine both people’s (or everyone’s in situations like group hugs) body heat. So grab your mom, your dad, your siblings, and your friends and give them a big old squeeze.

3. Host a luau party.

Nothing says warmth like hula dancing with a lei on! As you hit those winter blues pretend like it’s summer and host a luau party. Find your own tropical paradise in your own home, invite all your friends, and feel the warmth!

4. Stay young, go dancing.

Any physical activity in the winter will help you warm up, but one of my favorite ways is dancing. Find a friend, find a dance partner, and hit the floor! Jam in your room, go to a school dance, or make the world your stage and dance your heart out: salsa, swing, ballet, bachata, tango, tap, find your style and dance it. I guarantee you 15 minutes after you start you will be much warmer than when you started.

5. Learn to knit.

During the winter when it is too cold to go outside and play, you can only read so many books, watch so many movies, and do so much homework, so I suggest you take up a new hobby: knitting. This tip serves dual purpose, you learn something new but you can also make fluffy woolies to keep you warm.

Contributor: Melanie Smith



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