Health: Ebola Treatment Under Development

There’s been plenty of public concern about Ebola during the past months; in the current outbreak of Ebola, 10,000 people have died. The outbreak has been the deadliest Ebola outbreak in history. Attempts to create an Ebola vaccination have been underway for some time now, and a treatment known as TKM-Ebola-Guinea seems very promising. The treatment, which targets the Ebola strain that caused the outbreak in West Africa, has cured three monkeys of the virus in a course of 28 days. The vaccination works by targeting the ability of the virus to replicate by blocking the function of specific genes. Though the drug hasn’t been proven to work in humans just yet, results from human trials are expected in the second half of this year. The road to creating a safe vaccination is very time-consuming, but if successful, can save millions of lives.

Contributor: Ashni Nadgauda


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