Health: Cooler Bedroom

Researchers have recently found a possible link between bedroom temperature and a person’s metabolism.  According to a study in the journal Diabetes that examined how long-term exposure to colder temperatures affects fat cells, sleeping in a cooler environment can lead to better disposal of glucose, along with other benefits of an increased metabolism. This cooler environment helps to broaden and expand our brown adipose tissue, which helps to generate heat in animals or newborn babies that do not shiver. This “brown fat” is actually thought of as healthy, and has recently been claimed to reduce the risk of obesity and diabetes in humans. So while colder temperatures broaden this tissue, warmer temperatures suppress it, which is a metabolic drawback. During the study, subjects slept in temperature controlled rooms in the National Institutes of Health Clinical Research Center for four months, but they were allowed to go about their days as regular. Although the study used lean, healthy volunteers as subjects, the results of the study are still being used to draw conclusions between brown adipose tissue and controlling obesity and diabetes.


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