Health: Athletes vs. Time

British researchers recently reported that the time of an athletic event is in sync with an athlete’s body clock. Roland Brandstaetter, of the University of Birmingham, measured athletes together – those who woke early, those who woke late, and those in between. The athletes that performed the best were the ones who had their athletic events later in the evening. According to Dr. Brandstaetter, the good news for athletes is that circadian clocks can be tweaked. Now, he is working with athletes through a process called “circadian coaching.” When this is implemented, it will hopefully help the athletes’ biological clocks and help those who are naturally late risers even when there are early athletic events, such as marathons. It is difficult to study athletic performance research since a highly competitive scenario could never be replicated in a lab. However, it is evident that circadian rhythms affect sports performance.

Contributor: Chelsea Edirisuryia


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