Health: 4 Budget Tips for College Students

Many girls in college are girls on budgets and budgeting can be tough. When going to college you are faced with countless money-spending temptations and it is hard to discern when to spend and when to save. Through my college years, I have fell into various bank-breaking traps and I am here to give you some tips, so you will not make the same mistakes I did. These are all tips and tricks I follow and have had tremendous success with. Developing good money saving skills now will bode you well in your post-grad life as well.

  • Limit the times you eat out: Eating out with friends can be some of the most fun times you have in college, but it comes at price. Every month I find it helpful to assess my bank account and budget out a certain amount for dining out. By doing so in the beginning of the month you can plan ahead and therefore if you know there is a special occasion that month (i.e. a friend’s birthday) you will be able to set some money aside and be able to partake in the festivities.
  • Shop where they offer student discounts: Many of your favorite retailers probably offer some sort of student discount. All you have to do is check a company’s website or ask next time you are in the store. I was shocked to find out that my favorite clothing store offered a discount for students (high school and college!) and all I have to do is show my student ID when checking out.
  • Be careful not to buy school supplies you will not end up using: I can’t tell you how many times I have bought folders for classes that only used online resources and never handed out paper materials or bought notebooks for a class where I ended up typing my notes. This could have been easily avoided if I had waited for the first day of class and gotten a feel for how the class was structured. Every class is different! I suggest buying one notebook for your first week of class and then deciding which classes you will need what supplies for.
  • Buy used textbooks or rent textbooks: Sometimes it is hard to resist a nice, shiny, new textbook with no notes in the margin from previous owners, but new textbooks can be double or triple the price of a used or rentable version of the same book. In the end, your bank account will be a lot happier when you buy used or rent

Contributor: Cailin Walsh


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