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No test scores or essays. Goucher College is small liberal arts college in Baltimore. Goucher is doing something a little out of left field when it comes to college applications. As part of applying to Goucher, you can submit a two minute video talking about, how you would fit in at Goucher, instead of the traditional test scores and essays. The college says that they are not looking for production value, but are focusing more on the student and what they have to say. Some of the reasons that Goucher has decided to do this according to José Antonio Bowen, Goucher’s president, is to encourage students to apply. Students who may think their test scores are too low or just don’t have the confidence. Bowen has also stated that while transcripts and scores are a good indicator of capability, “they are predictors of how well you will do in school, not how well you will do in life.” Other schools have done this but no one has gone transcript free. Critics of this approach to college admissions say that a two minute video is not enough time to know a student and evaluate her potential.

Contributor: Laissa Alexis


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