Education: Time to Know

Many high-quality studies of computer-assisted instruction programs were found to have very few positive effects on learning. The technology has been associated with a lack of connection from the teacher’s instruction, which disengages students. There are free or even low-cost apps that allow students to work individually, but there is no professional development for teachers when these apps are used in these programs. However, there has been an approach to technology that is integrated with teacher lessons and gives teachers extensive professional coaching. In this program, called Time to Know, teachers use computers and their non-computer lessons to start a lesson. Students do their activities on their own devices, and their learning histories reflect what needs to be known. The learning is continuously assessed and given back to the teacher, who can use this information to change further lessons. Time to Know is the “wave of the future” in the classroom, so it is possible for it to achieve the long-awaited breakthrough in technology applications.

 Contributor: Chelsea Edirisuriya


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