Education: The Extinction of Public Libraries

Ever since tablets and eReaders designed for electronic reading rose to popularity, less and less people have been physically traveling to public libraries to check out books. Additionally, since the Internet makes resources so much more accessible, people can find reading material and download it online. Overall, games and social applications are replacing the desire for books and reading. And even though libraries offer other products such as magazines, DVDs, and more to customers, the main reason that customers go to a library is to borrow books. As a society, this leaves us with the question of whether or not public libraries are ‘endangered,’ or even more severely, will they become ‘extinct’? One idea that lends itself to libraries becoming ‘extinct’ is the fact that more and more bookstores have been going out of business. Many people find it hard to see how libraries will avoid extinction when bookstores, which offer even more services and products than libraries, are going out of business. In terms of a timeline, several people believe that libraries will be gone within the next ten to fifteen years.



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