Education: The Campus SaVE Act is Now in Effect

As of July 1st, the Campus Sexual Violence Elimination (SaVE) Act is officially in effect, marking a milestone in nation-wide efforts to better manage how sexual assault and domestic violence is handled on college campuses. In accordance with the law, incoming freshman will be–for the first time—legally obliged to be educated on the prevention of sexual violence. The act will not only extend support systems for victims, but also make policies on sexual assault more transparent on campus, helping students—female and male alike—better understand when their rights are being violated. U.S. Senator Bob Casey has stated that the Campus SaVE Act “makes a huge leap forward in protecting college communities and providing resources for victims of domestic or dating violence, sexual assault and stalking.” Indeed, there is no doubt that the Campus SaVE Act is an important component of the “higher education” promised by universities across the nation.

Contributor: May Huang



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