Education: Study Like a Girl

Throw like a girl? More like study like a girl. A new report from Dr. Gijsbert Stoet of the University of Glasgow in Scotland and David C. Geary of the University of Missouri found that in 2009, high school girls performed significantly better than boys on an international standardized test in 52 out of 74 studied countries. “In a lot of these countries women are not allowed to do a lot of things, but what’s interesting is even in these countries girls are doing better in school,” said Gleary. However, Gleary noted that top performing boys still outperform girls in math. “All debate and fretting over STEM stuff, where boys go into STEM fields and do better at math, that is all at the upper end of achievement,” said Geary. “But there’s a whole lot of other kids in the world that are never going to go into STEM. When you look at all of those other 95 percent of the world’s kids, we see boys falling behind girls pretty much everywhere.”

Contributor: Phoebe Roe


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