Education: Second Chance

St. George’s University School of Medicine in Grenada is known as a “second chance” medical school. It is one of several medical schools in the Caribbean that offers students the chance to continue on in pursuit of becoming a doctor. These schools accept many students who did not get into medical schools in the United States. Some of these students didn’t receive the best grades throughout their undergraduate careers, while others tried their hand at a different career before pursuing medical school. The education that these students are receiving is not to be thought of as sub-par. Roughly 7,700 graduates of St. George’s are licensed to practice in the United States. About 95% of graduates of these medical schools pass the United States Medical Licensing Exam Step 1. The next test to prove the quality of the education from St. George’s and similar schools is seeing whether or not students can land residencies in the United States. In 2014, only 53% of American students who went to foreign medical schools were placed into the National Resident Matching Program, while 94% of American students who attended American medical schools were placed into the program.


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