Education: School Doesn’t Stop in the Summer

Summer is for relaxing, right? Wrong. These days it is not uncommon for high school students to continue to juggle a busy schedule well after the final school bell has tolled. Typical summer activities can range from internships to community service to vacationing with family to standardized test preparation. Many educators and parents believe that students’ academic progress will be lost if they are allowed to slack off during the summer; however, this belief does not resonate with everyone. According to The Washington Post, the only “learning loss” that occurs during the summer is loss of facts held in one’s short-term memory, such as math formulas, as opposed to bigger picture skills learned in school, such as how to to conduct an experiment. To high school students who hope to gain admission to selective colleges and universities, staying involved during the summer feels like a necessity. “The fact that all of that extra stuff (resume-enhancing extracurriculars and test prep) makes a difference regarding your ‘future success’ just adds more pressure that you have to do it,” says Charles Badger, a rising senior at Palo Alto High School. “I wish more people would actually start to do things because they liked it, rather than because they feel they had to … but we live in a system that forces us to be active whether we like it or not.”

Contributor: Esmé Ablaza


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