Education: SAT to Replace Standardized Tests in Connecticut

Connecticut recently announced that it would require all 11th grade public school students to take the SAT in place of taking a state-administered exam. After gaining approval from the United States Department of Education, Connecticut decided to administer the SAT to all 11th grade students free of charge.

“We had reached the conclusion that there was, in fact, too much testing in the 11th grade,” said Gov. Dannel P. Malloy. “We thought it was just a tremendous amount of pressure concentrated on a single year.”

Though a certain score on the SAT would not make the difference between a student moving onto the 12th grade or not, the test score would be used in conjunction with the student’s grades and attendance to decide whether or not that student should move on.

Connecticut is joining with several other states in requiring a collage admissions test as their statewide test. Already, several states including Kentucky, South Carolina, and Wisconsin, require the ACT as their statewide test.

Contributor: Katie Campbell


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