Education: Rising Tuition

In the United States, it is a known fact that the cost to attend college increases every year. Regardless of the school that they attend, students see an increase in tuition and total expenses from year to year. Why does tuition increase every year? One reason is because the cost to colleges overall goes up every year. There are factors to consider like professors’ salaries, administration costs, and much more. For most schools, this increase in costs is reflected in the annual tuition and fees that students are required to pay. Thankfully, many schools have financial aid. Financial aid is composed of grants, loans, and scholarships that are awarded to students. Many schools have a need-based financial aid policy, meaning that students are awarded financial aid based on demonstrated financial need from the student’s family, rather than solely based on merit, or how well a student does academically. Even though financial aid helps millions of families across the country, increasing tuition is still a downside to the American higher education system. Maybe in a few years or decades, tuition increases will be less noticeable, or even nonexistent.

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