Education: $1 Billion for Native American Schools

The budget request announced by President Obama last week will include $1 billion in funding for Native American schools in 2016. This request includes millions allocated to the renovations of crumbling school buildings and internet connectivity for remote classrooms. This proposal would add $150 million to the current funding that is given to the bureau of Indian Education, a branch that oversees approximately 200 schools and over 40,000 children. The money is meant to help fix the facilities that are falling apart and not in compliance with health and safety standards. The budget also includes more funds to expand scholarships for post-secondary education. In a statement to the press, Obama explained, “We want to give young Native Americans the support they deserve.” The president is scheduled to release the full budget next week, which will include additional proposals that will affect Native American communities.

Contributor: Johanna Hartman


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