Education: Parents Doing Homework

Homework, as grueling and time-consuming as it may be, is a way to reinforce what students learn during their time in the classroom. Teachers say this over and over, but it really is for the students’ own benefit. The fact that many parents actually do more than just help their children with their homework is somewhat surprising. Some parents decide to completely do their children’s homework for them, which is detrimental to the children’s learning and education. Recently, it was reported that in one in six (nearly 17%) families, it is parents that are doing the homework. One interesting fact that was also reported is the fact that some of the parents themselves are finding it hard to complete their kids’ homework. However, one reason that some parents provided as to why they do their kids’ homework is because it cuts down on the stress. In majority of the cases, kids were completely fine with having their parents complete their homework. Even though parents want to help their kids in any way possible, it is important to keep in mind that there is a huge difference between helping and doing it all.

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