Education: Online Learning

Online learning has taken the world by storm in recent years. Many colleges and universities, high schools, and even middle and elementary schools have been offering courses to students through an online platform. Online courses allow students to learn right from the comfort of their own home, or wherever they are able to work best. Online learning courses can vary in length. Many colleges and universities offer online courses during the summer, while others are offered during the school year semesters. Certain programs offer an entire education online for students, and these programs last for years. Although online learning can prove to be more convenient, there are a few drawbacks. The biggest is not being able to have the traditional classroom setting, in which some students thrive and are able to do their best work. Some students learn best by physically seeing the professor or teacher teach at the front of the classroom and being able to follow along with fellow students. Although there are many perks to online learning, there are a few elements missing that make it very different from learning in person.


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